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All For Pets

Apollo Crossing Shopping Center

All For Pets is a full service pet store located in Melbourne, FL. We serve the local community in all their pet needs, including dog grooming, pet supplies and fish. 

Looking to bring home a pet? All For Pets has tropical fish and hermit crabs for sale. Browse our in-store inventory to find the food and supplies you need to bring your fish home today. 

We sell a wide variety of pet supplies and holistic pet food brands to keep your pets happy and healthy. Find quality pet supplies for your cat, dog or bird. We also offer a wide range of carry cases, kennels and pet beds for pets of all sizes. Browse our extensive inventory to find your favorite pet foods and treats in stock for cats, dogs, birds and other small animals. 

We offer full service dog grooming on all breeds and can perform baths, flea dips and nail trims as needed. We cater to dogs of all sizes and also accept birds for wing and nail clippings. We will trim nails on cats and other small animals as well.

321 253-0047

    1256 Sarno Rd.

Melbourne, Florida